Top 5 Responsive Website Benefits

Web design has improved exponentially over the past decade. Even in just the past five years we’ve seen improves regarding usability, readability, layout, and design language. One of the most important improves to the web, however, is with responsiveness.

The benefits of responsive web design are limitless. That’s why we’re laying out the top five responsive website benefits that hopefully convince you to make the change.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

Instant scalability is by far the best responsive website benefit

Being able to scale between large desktop views to tiny mobile-sized views isn’t new to web design. But without any extra code required and an instantly visible response, scalability is absolutely the best responsive website benefit for the front end and back end.

Responsive Websites are accessible from any device

With a responsive website, yours can be accessed on any device and scale the content accordingly. With mobile being the most widely used platform for web browsing, we’d say accessibility is one of the top responsive website benefits.

Improvements for SEO, itself, ranks highly as a benefit for responsive web design

Recently, search engines have implemented strategies to rank sites that administer not just mobile friendly design, but responsive designs. Having a site that can be used on any device lets search engines see your commitment to accessibility. This is why responsive website benefits for SEO is the second-best reason to adopt it.

Responsive websites benefit from higher conversions and fewer bounces

Visitors will remain on your site longer, decreasing bounce rates. And the more time a visitor stays, the more likely they will make a purchase. Higher conversions and lower bounce rates are great benefits from using responsive websites.

Faster and easier site management is the fifth responsive web design benefit

A site that’s easier to manage cuts down on costs from your IT, design, and development teams. You’ll save money and improve the frontend and backend experience through maintaining a responsive website.

As people move more towards a mobile centric browsing experience, a responsive website is critical to stay relevant today and in the years to come. Not only does it provide your customers with a better experience, its almost required to rank well on search.